Friday, August 10, 2012

The First Year

Today my daughter turns 1. A big birthday within hours. Car seat forward, a cupcake (met with apprehension) without "no's" and concerned faces, better foods (welcome to chic fil a Mia), no more formula, milk. Whole milk. And for us? 
A reminder to cherish more moments and thank God for more blessings. A chance to be confronted with how to respond to attitudes, fits of rage (yes rage already, and numerous decisions on the other side of what has become an increasingly faster learning. Curve with less chance to adjust, troubleshoot and prepare. We also get the privilige of trying to describe as countless parents do what makes parenthood so enjoyable. The selflessness of providing? The organic charm and curiosity of watching them enjoy new experiences? The level of trust they hold in you? Wondering what good or BAD habits you passed genetically or by example (fixable)? Regardless I have no doubt time will fly while we try to figure which one we are enjoying or dreading most.

The next big birthday is 5 (kindergarten :)), 13 (teenager :/) than 16 (driving :I ) than 18 :(.

 I guess we just pray harder, hold on tighter, laugh and learn. With mixed emotions :)(/I


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