Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Older Man: A Refreshing Resource With No Filter

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Have you ever wondered where you stood with an older gentlemen? I mean been unclear regarding whether or not they like or dislike you. Have you ever been unclear as to what they themselves care for and don't care for?  If you weren't sure here's a trick...ask them, they'll tell you. The liquid courage so many of us require and crave to share simple truth serum filled opinions of our very own, pumps through the veins of a social security eligible  male similar to the ferocity of adrenaline pumping through a visceral twenty something. You see despite plaque build up in an older man's arteries and senses so often plugged by bushels of hair that mirror an unkempt spring lawn, the channels of honesty flow freely and with greater ease the older male subject. What's crazy is that I view this outspoken, mistakenly conscience free indivual as refreshing. Refreshing in the since that a conversation with an "old man" is exactly what it is at face value. So often we acceptance driven individuals side step and carefully touch and go in the dark any amount of topics for fear of offending or losing favor with others. And while often times we would like others to believe this is to be as selfless as it sounds we often times are really seeking to avoid alienation, labels, or hurt future relations, but not the older man. He is void of an agenda and too comfortable to bother taking off his verbal muddy boots not to mess up the carpet and at least most of the furniture. While the Archie Bunkers of the world are both scoffed at and revered  it's honestly because it's considered uncouth to completely speak your mind, but so damn refreshing to completely understand ones honest opinion in a matter of seconds. The least refreshing part is knowing that in those same few amount of seconds there is about a .5% chance you have to change their minds. But you grow to respect that as well. When I started with my company 2 years a go my team was comprised of 5 other males all over 50. I at the time was 26 and after meeting and getting know men not my father on a friend level I found this group of peers to be a new standard of comfort. I found myself at national meetings gravitating to the older guy who didn't give two shits how his jeans fit or even what the new hot shot thought was a good idea in the past, present, or future. Every conversation seem to end with a period as opposed to the open parentheses tennis match I was sharing  with my similar aged work chums tactly filled with positivity and safe political correctness. I enjoyed the comfort of the old man. A bunch of guys who poured out established opinions and spoke to experience with complete conviction. And despite having enough manners to "say" they didn't know it all, make the rules, or hold the key to right and wrong, they were pretty sure that whatever option they were sharing was the closest thing to an acceptable conclusion of right.

Here's a tip: If you would like to know the past of the company regarding, what worked, what didn't what came from it minus the positive spin? Ask the most tenured individual at the company, they'll tell you.
From this I deduce that the older man (with a spine) is free of agenda. They aren't trying to impress, be popular, get laid, land a job or land a friend for that matter. Amazingly more often than not their only agenda is getting their point across. They simply are sharing, and if you happen to buy whatever is being sold be aware they aren't selling. These guys value honest exchange and that's what they want in return. Shooting them equally as straight is just as refreshing to them and leads to an open unbiased  and tolerable exchange which is the reward of this young and old relationship. Plus it's too hard not enjoy people who for every theory you have they have 3 stories and every one experience you have to derive an opinion  they have 5 experiences that can conclude to a concrete lesson.
 I mean think about it, who doesn't want our country's next President to be an old unwavering, experience drawing figure free of an agenda and only consumed with established values (man or woman). These types are like a broken in pair of jeans or shoes in that they're comfortable and dependable first, and if someone happens to like the way they look, it's a bonus.
So I encourage all to respect their elders but most importantly listen to them. There are great experiences wrapped in stories and great lessons wrapped in overly Skued heartfelt advice. Plus if you were wondering how your attitude, shoes, sales pitch etc. we're, you'll be sure to find out in a matter of time... refreshing I know.
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