Friday, August 10, 2012

Emotions come early.  Emotional intelligence and Self Awareness shouldn't start late

Being a father to what is now my one year old daughter, one of the things I am amazes at most are her fits of rage, frustration, and excitement. She is overcome with emotion if you take her fill in the blank from her. Her intitial reaction is to seize up and scream, cling and lunge to reclaim what was her enjoyed reality. She has a similar reaction. When she sees one of her other small cousins. Excitement encapsulates her and her blinders of acceptance and motivations of a good time she wears from head to toe. It's her natural instinct. She's too young to reason with social norms or emotional self awareness but she rasseles with the same natural instincts we do as adults. How we respond to different stimulus.
Each of us have pet peaves and hot buttons, some are quicker to anger than others but we all are aware whether we stop ourselves or cross that line that of self awareness, the one where we avoid the emotional equivalent and outcome  as countless toddlers who don't get what they want (frustration, regret, or resentment by you or from others).

The point I am trying to make is that often times we take defensive posture whe approached with self awareness, but should we? The most instinctual and natural things we do are derived from raw emotion. Unfiltered feeling that isnt processed by thought. And if that is the case and we all suffer from the affliction should we embrace the idea of self awareness with open arms. Shouldn't we teach this at young ages and seek to master it by our (potentially life ruining) late teens? I have always been an advocate for never apologizing for ones emotions for reason I mentioned earlier concerning how organic emotions are. I do though believe we are responsible to how we respond to our emotions, and there lies the accountability to grow and move us past our oldest bad habit. 

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