Friday, August 10, 2012

The Perspective Windshield

Recently on a trip from Dallas to what is now my new area of residence in Houston, my wife and I came a cross a classic Texas summer late afternoon.  You know, sun shining white bright no clouds close enough to consider a threat, sudden, hard down pour.  They feel like a Hollywood movie scene on a perfect summer day where water is rigged to an apparatus that pours down a forced and fake down pour of rain. So as we were traveling south on 45, like a beam from a uFO the sunshine and rain both find us. On come the wipers. As we soak this contrasting weather occurrence of heat and rain I noticed on the passenger side where my wife is sitting there are dark clouds, typical of what you would see accompanying the rain that is beading down the windshield. On my side to my left the sun, shining no clouds. 

Isn't this indicative of what perspective is all about? Regardless of the rain pouring in front of us we often times have the option to choose which conditions we believe we are experiencing. Are we in the middle of a storm? Are we fixated on what's coming? Are we choosing to see the brighter side of things? Basic glass half full or empty thought process yes, but when the rain is pouring which way do YOU turn? 

It was ironic that my side of the vehicle had the sunshine and my wife's the contrary considering often times this how we view challenges, but this was just another example of how important we can be to others when facing rain together to be sure to empathize with what they see and share with them an opportunity to see things differently. 

This from surprisingly (and sarcastically) a hopeless optimistic.

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