Saturday, August 27, 2011

Most Eligible City: Dallas

As a Texan, a secure male, and father to a well behaved 2 week old daughter I recently embarked on the new Bravo Television show Most Eligible Dallas with my wife and our new newborn house arrest sentence (happily to begin raising our daughter). We watched DVR episodes in between naps and diaper changing over this weekend and after only 2 episodes deep into the series I have deduced that the MOST ELIGIBLE subject looking to court a new mate is none other than the city of Dallas/North Texas.

 Despite the group of attractive cast members boasting their self proclaimed greatness, Most Eligible Dallas is the city of  Dallas' audition tape for new residents. It seems to have been created to entice young professionals to  a city that can see an opportunity to seize the day to attract talent and money while the other major markets struggle. Dallas is on its A game like a playboy spotting a rebounding female fresh out of a bad relationship across the bar. The city of Dallas can see its prey and their ready to pounce.
Since hosting the (sadly uneventful) Super Bowl, NBA All Star Weekend a World Series appearance by the Texas Rangers and a World Champion Dallas Mavericks run, the city of Dallas has shown the nation and celebrities alike that they can hang with the cool kids of Chicago, New York, LA and Atlanta. Already known as one of the fashion capitals of the world Dallas can hold its own in both entertainment and appeal. We have culture.  I'm not saying Dallas is directly on par with some of the other major markets party scene wise or on a "fabulous" scale with its major city counterparts but on paper we look a lot more sexy than them to singles, families and businesses. It all seems so similar to the push the original show 'Dallas' made decades ago.(By the way that series is launching its 21st century version soon)

The Original "Team Dallas"

Our states Governor is leading in the GOP polls able to boast that his state is responsible for creating 2/3 of jobs in America that are oh so rare in the rest of the country. Texas does not have a state tax while Chicago has just raised theirs for the next few years. Tort reform for the entrepreneurs as well as low business taxes are a financial draw to businesses looking to relocate. North Texas has more space and a better housing market than those over valued more popular cities ( Dallas is only second to Houston in new home property development). With an increasing number of states having budget issues it's ironic all of our cooler competition in particular belongs to states that routinely have bankruptcy and tax increase related terminology attached to them. Even Dallas retail better reflects what used to be exclusive to certain regions.  A Californian would feel right at home with North Parks' H&M and burger favorits Carl's Jr and the famous In and Out Burger all now in the Dallas area.If we start to steal Chicago's deep dissh pizza joints I'm going to have to suggest we seriously start stealing some of California's bike lanes. All in all we look better on paper and we are starting to look more familiar as well.
The city of Dallas is campaigning. The exploratory committe has done there diligence and they want the votes of young professionals areound the country for most desireable major market. So while the cast of Most Eligible Dallas seems to only perpetuate the idea that Dallas is as vain and self promoting as the more desirable major markets of the country, what this show  feels is an important takeaway for the potential convert is for them and the nation to see is that you can have a similar self discovering, beautifully flirtatious lifestyle in North Texas similar to coastal cities with potentially significantly more money left in your wallet at the end of the year. Dallas is seizing this opportunity to win the hearts of people around the country and the last 2 years party hosting (and possibly a future presidential term's timing)  couldn't be better with so many other major cities hurting..It's like the the starting QB of the football team just got injured and Dallas is the 3rd string backup has its moment to win a starting spot. Soon the nation will be aware of the upside of the Big D, and the best part is North Texas has seriously more depth than the cast that is the face of the show, which is all the more reason to Date Dallas.

The NEW Team Dallas. Want to Join?

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