Monday, July 26, 2010

Be More Charming!

I really enjoyed this article in this month's Esquire. This applies to both men and women and ways to improve physically and socially even Jedi-mind tricks to! I started collecting books like this to eventually build a decent book collection of men's improvement type books. I have been called the biggest "BS er" by some in a respectful manner of course, you have to believe EVERYTHING IS SALES! Try some these tips out at work and see how far it gets you. I imagine strangers would be unassuming to your  tactics and accept them at face value better someone who knows you well enough to be suspicious.

In honor of the debut of my favorite show.

Today on Esquire
Mad Men quiz
Mad Men started last night so I thought it would be appropriate to take this quiz online at The greatness of the late 50s and 60s is awesome to me which is funny for most people because as I black guy I wouldn't have been quite "living the dream" the way Don Draper and the boys do. As a note I subscribe to both Esquire and GQ which now make pretty entertaining up to date sites. Check it out...

Chance Inspiration...?

In the blog description I mentioned that I considered myself  to be an orange and the above photo is why I came to this conclusion. After a series of assessments at a leadership academy I attended in Chicago with my company The William Wrigley Jr. Company the gum and candy company. After a week full of projects and surveys taken by both myself and my peers answering questions about me, I received 2 booklets detailing my strengths weakness and habits. The picture above of the dart board type chart was a page from a  booklet 25 pages long dedicated to my growth and development and I swear after reading the assessment of myself I'm convinced the company has been stalking me since BIRTH! It was both great and agitating to read essentially what makes me, me. It great detail t went over how I act in social settings vs. my actions at home and how I am in certain arenas and when met with challenges and it was as the English say "spot on!"Anyway what I learned from that week and from that assessment was to embrace my weakness and use my strengths. Be aware of what keeps me from success at any level and do not allow it to hold me back. It left me more secure with myself than I ever have been. Wrigley's has given this assessment to many of the executives at the company and what it has done for both them, myself and my peers has created a culture of asking"what color are you?" People where it like a badge, a new identity, a fly new sweater.
 A few weeks after that class I received the second above picture in my email inbox. A pair of orange  cuff links! I bought a few things from this site as long as 4 years ago and out of the blue I receive an email from them. I haven't bought the cuff links yet but I will because I like things around me that derive meaning. I'll post a link to the assessment I took so that maybe your company can add its HR Department and maybe so you can tout your COLOR . I believe receiving that email was no accident but my fly new sweater in the form of orange cuff links.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Backlogged procrastination

I feel like I'm backing up with inspiration but somehow can't get this blog up soon enough to relieve the creative traffic jam in my head. I think about this blog all the time but can't seem to settle on the final touches. Everything has to mean something to me so it's killing me I can't customize my background yet. Anyway, the blog should be official soon. Till next time...