Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wear a C.A.I.P. to Work

I want you to be aware that the C.A.I.P. (acronym) I refer to is word play on the physical "cape" superheros and fancy gentlemen dawn. It is intended to draw the parallels between the physical appearance of a superheo and the superhero feeling one possesses when they are at the height of their self-actualized successes.
 As children it's funny how we are asked by parents and adults, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" We then would answer with what we considered to be at the moment a respectable and at least interesting profession. What I don't remember was anyone asking "what would you mind having to do as a means of survival or obligation"? These are questions that conjure up the age old discussion of the difference between a career and a job, and what the differences are. As someone who has been working since15 and now am a college graduate with some post graduate work history under my belt I see the difference as such.... As a person not fond of running (I lost 50+ pounds this year without running if that tells you anything) I am amazed at these people that both aspire and enjoy running long distances. These people have a stride, a weightlessness and drive about them I do not have for this particular exercise. If you watch my attempts at running long distances, I wear the weight that is the burden of WHY I am running. I'm running to lose or maintain my weight. Which means if I didn't have to, I wouldn't do it. I see it as a chore, a necessary evil to achieve a goal. If you were to put me next to the natural runner we would appear night and day not only by level of fatigue but mostly by enjoyment. This is how I would describe the difference in having a job and pursuing a career. One, involves the weight of obligations (bills, necessity, livelihood) and the other involves internal drivers driven by pride and self actualization. To me the same argument can be made for the difference between citizens of a socialistic and capitalistic system. There is a difference in participating and thriving. This is also best illustrated in Maslow's hiearchy of needs pictured below. 

This is why C.A.I.P. or Creativity, Accountability, Integrity and Passion is crucial to putting one's self in a position to succeed. Each one of these characteristics both challenge ones pride, appeals to their self actualization and is accompanied by some level of emotional investment. The types of things that drive us to thrive in a work environment. A connection to the work we do. For clarification purposes I would like to make the distinction between accountability and integrity. Accountability, is the responsibility one has to review their efforts and effectively measure their performance, taking ownership of outcomes good and bad and learning from them. It's responsibility void of excuses. I see Integrity as a set of personal convictions or principles that one operates under and becomes ingrained in their decision making regardless of circumstance, your moral foundation. I honestly feel that if most people were charged with building their careers on characteristics of CAIP, fullfillment would result more often. So often though, regardless of the reason, we choose professions that meet unfounded or short term obligations, even some time settling. Most of the time this is driven by financial obligations to debt, children etc. but It's when we sell ourselves short early on that derails our "plans" into our aspirations which turn into our dreams and our self actualization becomes further out of reach. I am unfortunately guilty of this as I have sacrificed twice in my young career opportunities that rewarded  a short term goal. Turning my plans into aspirations, all the while not building skill sets that would put me in position to use my CAIP. My problem is I seem to get the plan but its the execution that's killing me (accountability). .

 So here's my takeaway, I once quoted a professor I had in college, Professor Angela Boston and her 4P's to success. It's meaning is as follows: PURSUE your PURPOSE with PASSION and receive the PAYOFF. I see the 4P's  as a road map to ones self actualized success with ones CAIP as the fuel for the journey.When it comes down to it we want to have the effortless stride of a runner if we have to run life's rat race... wearing a CAIP helps.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Gordon Keith, journalistic leader of men.

Not only is Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket the #1 sports station in Dallas/Fort Worth but they are most known for and honestly most popular for touching on about every other topic and taboo not involving sport. The guys do a great job of gauging the pulse of people and atmospheres while capturing what seems to be a privileged day to day existence of embracing life's moments with wide eyed curiosity that makes our 9 to 5 lives pale in comparison. Regardless I found this delusional character below with the Musers (Morning show) in the streets of Miami beyond amusing and hilarious. Just wait to hear self proclaimed "Lady Gaga" attempt to sing 'Just Dance'. Radio gold. Enjoy, awkwardly.Thanks to

Not funny if you're genetically responsible for a guy like this.

Hilarious audio of Holla (Click to go to site & play)