Saturday, March 5, 2011

HCG Worked for me!

By the time my wife gave into dating me in High school I was a slender 200 or less pound 2 sport athlete in size 32/34 waist jeans. By the time I asked her to marry me lets say I was a bit... hungrier? Somehow I managed to meet my wife and my most fit, go figure. I never have been a natural fit person and to boot I have never been successful with getting fit without the miracle of science. So after ballooning to what I considered my largest as the New Year passed I had to lean on whatever was the hottest craze for weight loss. In homage to the old Sprite commercial asking "whats my motivation?" i came across that easy after reviewing disks of family photos and facebook tags where I looked like I was holding a turkey leg behind my back and favored the worst Saturday night Live actor Keenan Thompson and less Usher Raymond. Iit was time for a change (no Obama reference intended). In highschool I was a product of Xenadrine with the original ephedra (you know the one that almost gave me a heart attack and forced me into use of an I-V during a football game from dehydration) and I saw

  saw incredible weight loss in 3 months time. The problem was it essentially revved my heart rate up to the point my necks heartbeat was bulging and I NEVER ate. Not a good way to establish "healthy habits". I am fond of activity and working out, but never mastered the art of a sensible diet. You know portion control and common sense (less pizza and cake and less upsizing). So after my mother in law and a good friend lost 25 plus pounds in 6 weeks time through a ritual of a strict diet and drops of pregnant womens urine (see link to webiste below) I figured what better way to start a New Year toward healthier habits!
 So HCG ( is a 500 calorie daily diet that requires you to take hormone drops that mimick a womans pregnancy and curbs cravings and burns undesired fat from hard to get rid of places. It is followed over a course of 21 0r 42 days. I did the 42 day diet and loss 40+ pounds in 6 weeks! I have to have dropped at least 2 pants sizes. What's most important is it really help me put food intake and how I eat into perspective in regards to the amount and the choices I make. Things like not drinking calories, eating less in a sitting and simple self control have really stuck with me. I din't cheat once on this diet either! (save for a valentines dinner riddled with pasta personally prepared by a nosy chef. Long story).
Needless to say I am very proud of myself for showing such discipline in these 6 weeks. What I accomplished in my food choice is a big deal coming from a guy who grew up shutting down the buffett line. I felt energetic throughout  the diet and slept better than ever. Let me state " EATING 500 calories in not NATURAL FOR A MAN" 6 oz of meat total a day and half a grapefruit is why the make bikinis, men don't wear bikinis, but I needed to gain some respect by completing this diet. I am determined to continue to make better choices and hopefully the pressure of holding the stigma of one of those people who lost a bunch of weight and ATE it all back will keep me from falling into old habits. The biggest reward  of my weight loss may be buying a new suit for my brother in laws wedding  and the other 2 or 3 weddings we have left in the year for me to embrace my vain obsession of clothes and dressing. A generally new wardrobe is in order as well. I can now fit in those european cut H&M shirts my wife always made frightful faces at. All in all despite controversy of the diet and skeptiscism of the science I can attest to a 40 plus weight loss, better eating habits, discipline and a manual to live with (gluten free is a big deal). Now that I've lost so much weight its time to start tipping the scale closer to the Usher side, don't hold your breath Allyson!