Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Date Night: Basketball and Chinese

This past Saturday after 7 plus days off  in a row from an extended vacation I found myself trying to pry Allyson off the couch and into a whirlwind of motivation to finish the week strong on what we had yet to accomplish. The main project to tackle was Christmas decorating. For some reason I was more amped to get it done and over with than she was, and there is nothing like rallying the troops to help you do a project for them that YOU don't look forward to doing. it seems the day would be full of errands and slow starts with her and I picking at each other as we go through waves of frustration and enthusiasm.
Errand #1: Hobby Lobby. After purchasing specialty clips to hang the exterior Christmas lights we decided to take them back because I wasn't OK with trying a "No Ladder' system of hanging lights with an 11ft. pole (BAD). So on the way in to the store I get a call from one of my life long buddy's who calls to tell me not only does he have Dallas Mavericks tickets for Allyson and I on a Saturday night but it for the coveted Miami Hear game. The most talked about team in sports that comes but once to Dallas all year, 16 rows from the court (took the above picture from the seats and was about three quarters of full zoom), for FREE! What a surprise since Allyson and I were just pricing tickets the night before and speaking about how we weren't willing to part with a mortgage payment to enjoy the game in descent seats. What a blessing! Basketball was my first love and I love anything that has to do with it on any level especially a live NBA game with Wade and Lebron! While Allyson's enthusiasm was on par with mind I can't say the motivation was the same. She is a HUGE fan of Mr. Dwayne Wade (not for his ability to get to the basket but more standing at the free throw line, just standing). So what was once an uneventful Saturday with our extended vacations drawing to an end had now turned into a full fledged date night with the wife. We had a great time and really enjoyed each other with us both taking shifts on the 3 B's, basketball, beer, and the bathroom, oh and people watching. People watching is very fun lower level at a sporting event. People watching sometimes will get you hit in the leg if you watch the wrong people, or at least accused of it. Allyson also managed to sit in the unofficial Dwayne Wade cheering section where we were position between 3 black girls who were competing with Allyson for Wade's attention that night (Ally was more of a fan of them then them her) :). After the game was over we made an ashamed late night stop at PF Chang's and ate like it was 6:30 in the evening. But it was nice since the restaurant was very low key and pretty empty. We talked and laughed and got full. I bet for most its not often enough we get dressed with our spouses and enjoy a true date night dressed and smelling good just for each other. My date looked great that night! Of course it makes easier when you have the hottest ticket in town...for FREE! Great night 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Too Young for Posters?

LINK :MoxyCreative.com
Man I haven't got to blog about Kanye West's new album yet but I'll tell you I though early this week when I first heard it if there was a poster on my wall in my office it may be the album cover (not the offensive one). Now that I havebeen poking around on the net I have found a site that does mmen's favorite movies in posters with their own spin. The ones picture here will be what I am requesting from Santa. See if there's one you like. Enjoy

TIME MagazinesTop 50 Inventions of 2010

LINK : Full List of Inventions

I was turned on to this expose on top inventions by my Dad after he picked the most recent  TIME magazine. There are some really amazing things we have mastered that remind us of what we are accomplishing in the future and that while some of this stuff is a long ways away from mass production or being used every in our homes, the fact that it can be done is a feat in itself. One of my favorite inventions of the group was a website called Kisckstarter.com which serves as a forum to building investor interest and earn donations for those seeking start up capital. Another favorite is the OS X2 which is the "real" Iron Man suit, and SHELLY a robotic lifeguard 15 times faster than a human. Several more are very interesting especially those involving biological based science. Enjoy

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another GREAT Resource

LINK:  Behance website and BLOG

I stumbled across this site searching out a new Journal for writing and organizing on a site called CreativeOutfitter.com from a 'Best things 2010' list in the new GQ issue and was able to snake my way to Behance.com which is a creative website that allows you to post created material through their site. I hope to be on it soon while I try to pioneer a portfolio geared towards a business development and Creative based career.

OFFICial Inspiration...

So I know the protocol since being in my new home for about 6 months is to fix every room in the house besides the man's room. So now that the wife and I have tackled the living, dining, guest room and kitchen I guess that MY two rooms, the office and the landscaping are getting their turn in the spotlight. I'm obsessed with resouces as I mention often so my subscriptions to blogs and magazines serve as excellent inspirational material for my office that may last as long as a baby will let stay in his/her future nursery. So in the mean time my favorite piece of the office and main staple is a vintage library table with a single drawer that I was able to score off of my Mother in Law. I really need to stain the desk but the basis is for it to sit in the center of the room like the above pictured desk. I can't seem to find what is deemed a "printer desk which is a slim rectangular table to hold my computer screen printer. It would sit behind the center desk, and on each side I am seeking out bookcases on each end. I can't decide if I prefer the ladder type or the traditional case. I really am in the energy of having an office setup that allows me to not have my back facing the door and a space that you can walk around in with no closed off spaces. Maybe its fung shway, not sure but it creates positive energy for me. I'm going for the modern deco luxury look. Very pretentious, yes but this may be my last time before buying a bigger house or soon enough losing my room to a new baby where I have a chance to enjoy the space. Etsy.com has tons of desk accessories that are vintage modern and are affordable so I constantly check it. I hate cliche' things so everything I buy as I get older is an expression of being different. Being different and owning things that have meaning to me are a must, and really give a room or collection ownership and portray an extension of self. Etsy is a great place for ideas.It's all about the resources for me. I found a great desk lamp at Home Goods that has a vintage modern vibe I really dig. Not quite as regal as the black one pictured in L.A. Reids office above. L.A. Reid is the music executive behind Usher, Justin Beiber, Diddy and many more and when GQ magazine did a spread on his office I knew exactly what I was looking for in an office. The desk accessories and everything all exude a man who has alot more going on in his life than just work. A man of many passions is a man that lives life to the beat of his own drum and the resources to enjoy what life has to offer. That's what eventually I want to exude. So far I have a lamp and an old library desk, I'm looking forward to extending myself through the rest of the work in progress that is the home office.

LINK:  Mad Men Office by Etsy.com

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Great 'Combs' think alike....

LINK:  Diddy's Blog
After seeing my cousin Sean Combs new blog I saw the exact replica of what I wished my blog was,clean, precise, and inspirational. I am still trying to figure WHAT exactly I am looking to portray. I believe that I am missing an overal directional theme. Is it hip hop? Is it marketing? Is it insightful? Does it just share what's on my mind? I believe deeply in resources and inspiration and my man Diddy got the inspirational part down. Speaking of part I saw him on TV the other day trying to bring it back, NOT claiming fam on this one.