Sunday, October 17, 2010

CNN Chilean Miner Story Inflated : You Say Helmet I say Balloon...

Stewart Chile Miners
WATCH 'The Daily Show' clip on responsible reporting
The Daily Show is hilarious to me and watching the other day I realized why it has the rare charm of being informative, forces others to accountable and most importantly funny as hell. I see why this show wins Emmy's. CNN embellishes on a boys prop in hand while waiting for the Chilean miners to be rescued. After being allowed to rant the way an illiterate child guesses the content of a story based on the pictures his colleague humbles him gently. Enjoy

Test your skills in the 'Texas Ranger or Chilean Miner' game

Another Ticket inspired segment. In honor of the 2 biggest news stories of the week the segment involves the rescue of the Chilean miners and of course the TEXAS RANGERS. The game involves a list of 20 names composed of Chilean miners and latin Texas Rangers. Read off the names to a less than knowledgeable baseball fan (wife's or girlfriends work great) and see how many they get right. Pretty entertaining. The game was inspired by the shows host wife's who cared much more to watch the beginning of the Chilean miners rescue on CNN instead of  Cliff Lee's legendary showing in Game 5 of the ALDS. Put someone to the profile test of the hosts wife's best score was 12 right. Enjoy

1. Alexi Ogando - R 
2. Victor Rojas
3. Franklin Ramirez
4. Max Ramirez - R
5. Carlos Solis
6. Julio Borbon - R
7. Alex Salazar
8. Estaban Carrizo
9. Estaban German - R
10. Vladimir Guerrero - R
11. Jorge Cantu - R
12. Raul Ibanez
13. Pedro Contreras
14. Andres Blanco - R
15. Neftali Feliz - R
16. Guillermo Moscoso - R
17. Daniel Campos
18. Samuel Acuna
19. Dario Rojo
20. Bengie Molina - R

What's a Ladies price?

LISTEN to Gordo's Interview
The greatness of Gordon Keith media personality from 1310 AM The Ticket here in Dallas has a commitment to both shock factor and hilarious taboo subjects particularly in the subject of females. This past week he hosted a forum on the "price" of a woman's "bathroom parts" as he likes to put it. Probing for questions that expose what amount it would really take for some women to sleep with another man or participate in a video. All of it is very innocent but oh so interesting. I'm sure all women have ran through the Indecent Proposal movie scenario made famous by Demi Moore  who in the film is married to Woody Harrelson and is offered 1 Million dollars to spend the night with Robert Redford. So ladies if you take a listen remember when finding out what that special number is as Gordon says "remember these are tough economic times". Enjoy